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After-Care post Ayahuasca Retreat
is an integral part of your healing process.

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Viviane’s Post-Retreat Healing and Integration

Following your transformative experience at the Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat, a follow-up meeting with Viviane, a natural-born healer, is a significant step toward integrating the acquired insights into the future.

Personalized Sessions:

Viviane’s one-on-one sessions are offered to help you integrate your work with ayahuasca and/or San Pedro Cactus, William, and the Shamans and move forward in your healing journey. She delivers what you need to integrate this newfound insight into your life, enabling a spirit-first approach in both the current realm and beyond by tapping into divine wisdom.

Insightful Intervention:

Viviane helps dismantle negative ways of thinking and being by having a natural ability through a divine gift at birth to know automatically what is needed to help you. She assists you in making more sense of and magnifying the insight and healing you’ve gained, aligning it with your path of healing and enlightenment.

Continued Assistance:

The path you began has now reached an important crossroads. Nonetheless, life’s distractions and old habits can be obstacles to growth. Viviane’s after-care service is intended to provide the assistance needed to identify what facilitates or hinders your healing and spiritual progress.

Preparation for Your Session:

We recommend you digest your retreat experiences and identify areas where you need more help. This reflection will prepare you for a more productive meeting with Viviane, ensuring the best possible assistance and direction.

Scheduling Your Session:

William, the director of Kawsay Ayahuasca, encourages you to schedule a session with Viviane. You can schedule your appointment using the calendar booking feature below—the After-Care session; the session is included in the retreat programs after January 2024. If you booked a retreat, you will receive an email after the retreat with an appointment link to book your session. Any future bookings with Viviane can be made here on the website or directly with her. If you would like to book with Viviane, it is not necessary to come to the retreat center and you can sign up for session with Viviane with the calendar provided below.

Our Commitment:

We demonstrate our constant dedication to your well-being by providing this service. Kawsay ensures that she is fairly compensated for her indispensable work, which aligns with our purpose of cultivating a supportive healing environment during and after the retreat.

Viviane’s post-retreat session is an enriching continuation of your healing journey at Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat. Her guidance will prepare you to integrate the retreat’s healing and learnings into your life, fostering growth, further healing, and understanding.

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“The journey to healing
is a life-long journey home”