Kawsay Ayahuasca

beautiful healer kawsay ayahuasca retreat

After-Care post Ayahuasca Retreat
is an integral part of your healing process.

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beautiful healer kawsay ayahuasca retreat

Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat offers personalized one-on-one sessions with a spiritual specialist to assist you with the Ayahuasca integration process and your spiritual journey.Viviane works with the infinite wisdom of the universe and receives what you need to help you apply that wisdom to your life so you may once again walk as spirit first on this realm and the after.

Viviane offers insight into what, how, and when intervention is applied to help you overcome the stagnant way of thinking and being. All the wisdom that you have received will be amplified and structured into your specific path of healing and enlightenment. She will guide you through your challenges while motivating you to take charge of your actions and reactions to life while looking at your perception of who you are and what the world is to you.

Your spiritual journey has just taken a giant leap; you have received what you need for you to heal and move in a positive direction in your life. However, life does like to distract you, entertain you and get you lost in its Web of temptation and old habits. The aftercare service provides you with the support you need to see what is and what is not helping you on your healing and spiritual journey.

Please take your time in processing what you have just been through and what you need assistance with to receive optimal support and guidance.

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