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Online therapy delivered to you

If you found your way here for online therapy, chances are your previous ways of coping aren’t working anymore…

  • You might be experiencing anxiety and try to avoid it at all costs.
  • In relationships you might often second guess yourself and wonder why you are like the way you are.
  • You could be feeling depressed thinking about ways of escaping your current situation; running away, relationship breakup, leaving your job, you might have even thought about suicide.
  • You might be binging on Netflix, food, alcohol, online gaming or drugs to escape the reality you find yourself in.
  • You may have always felt like you aren’t “enough”; thin enough, attractive enough, a good enough child/parent, smart enough – the list can go on.

Whatever it is, I can help.


Talking to someone who is trained to listen can help alleviate suffering and help you toward finding fulfilment in life. Often it is our autopilot that takes over the controls and counselling can help to empower yourself with greater self-awareness to help break the cycles of behaviour that may have been repeating from an early age.