Our Ayahuasca Retreats Location

Our Ayahuasca Ceremonies are Secluded, Isolated and Tranquil

Several years ago we acquired 200 hectares of land that is fairly isolated with a plethora of jungle life that would be perfect for people to come and immerse themselves working with Ayahuasca without the distractions of modern life. Located about an hour by speedboat east towards the direction of Colombia from Iquitos, Peru off of the Amazon River. We protect this land from  logging and poaching. This land has many medicinal, spirit plants and trees used by the shamans.

Very close to our ceremonial maloca is the great Lupuna tree, this tree is considered the master shaman of the jungle the grandfather. The shaman do special diets with this tree and it has been known to teach many things during these special diets.  The land is beautiful and a portion of the property is based on the riverfront of the river named Yana Yacu about ten minutes by boat to the village Yana Yacu Timicuro. A veritable garden of Eden this beautiful place is.