Ayahuasca Retreats Operational Costs

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Nine days-4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies and 1 Huachuma Ceremony 

I see and hear much about how Ayahuasca retreats are big business and I believe it is time for some clarity on the subject. First I will say that there might just possibly be three or so Ayahuasca retreat centers that receive a large number of guests and yes they probably do make a considerable “profit”. I hear of centers having one “healer” with twenty or thirty guests. In my experience, yes the guests will get the benefit of Ayahuasca visions, personal revelations and teachings, but therein lies the problem regarding the ability of the “Shaman/healer” to have the capacity, time and energy to be able to really “treat” the guest spiritually and/or physically and get the attention each guest might need, especially with that great number of guests.

I made a promise to myself that when I began to help people and build a retreat center that I would do so in a spirit of openness, so there would be clarity as to what the guests sacrifice would be going to. So here I am listing below as promised what our operating expenses have been.

In our program we have three healers and a minimum of five and a maximum of eight guests per Ayahuasca retreat. This is a very high healer to guest ratio. We have been very purposeful in designing everything this way to make sure each guest gets the intense personal care and attention that this work is all about….healing.

With the information provided below, and the questions as to why the cost is what it is, no longer remains a mystery. So the critical minds and the ones that are wondering, can now have a clearer picture, of what is going on, in the world of Ayahuasca Retreats, regarding the financial side of things

So one understands the costs just to feed a family of four correctly in Iquitos 60 soles a day or 1,800 soles a month.

This does not include Schooling for children, rent or mortgage, electricity, water, health insurance, transportation costs, clothing, medicines etc.



1 Facilitator-30 Days a month.

S/. 50 a day or S/. 1,500 per month


1 Manager-15 days a month

S/. 35 per day or S/. 525 per month


1 Banco Ayahuascero-7 days a month

S/. 1,500


1 Master Ayahuasca Shaman-7 days a month

S/. 1,500 soles


1 Master Huachumero/Tobacerro/Shaman-15 days a month

S/. 50 per day or S/. 750 per month


1 cook and general clean up-10 days a month

S/. 35 per day or S/.350 per month


Helper for the cook and general clean up-10 days a month

S/. 35 per day or S/. 350 per month


1 Helpers general cleanup/ceremonies/grounds/water/pest control/security (Luis)30 days a month

S/. 35 per day or S/. 1,050 per month


1 Helper general cleanup/ceremonies/ grounds/water/pest control/security (Lourin) 15 days a month

S/. 25 per day or S/. 375 per month


1 Helper general cleanup/ceremonies grounds/water/pest control/security (Neider) 15 days a month

S/. 25 per day or S/. 375 per month


Retreat Supplies

Food and water for all staff and guests (16) people during the nine day retreat.

(That would be 128 breakfasts)

(128 lunches)

(48 dinners)

About S/.8 per meal S/. 2,432


Candles/Toilet Paper/Napkins/Bleach/Detergent/Pest Control Supplies

S/. 100 / 100 / 16 / 15 / 15 / 20 / 265


Huachuma Raw

S/. 1,200



S/. 754



S./ 100


Perfumed Waters

S./ 80


Plants for Banos

S./ 150


Gasoline for boat and Generator 96 gallons

S/. 12.50 per gallon-total S./ 1,200


Lubricant for the boat

S/. 10.00


Monthly Costs

Poison and petroleum for Termites and other pest control

S/. 250


Maintenance on the Moloka

S/. ?


Maitenence on the Boat

S/. 90+


Boat Storage at Casa Pesca

S/. 90


Insurance for Boat

S/. 120?


Insurance on Maloka

S/. ?



S/. % ?


Website costs per month

S/. 350


Rent if using other Lodging for 9 Days at S/. 50 per day per person


S/. 2,800

(This is if only paying for the guests but generally would have to pay for the shamans and cook and housekeeper another 6 people S/. 2,800 more which then really be S./ 5,600.)



S/. 18,166


Estimated cost to provide this service for 6 guests is about $6,137 dollars at at the current exchange rate of S./ 2.96 to one american dollar.

This is without insurance and maintenance on the maloka and taxes included in the cost.

So if 6 people come and pay $2,000 each that would leave about $6,000 left over take insurance and maintenance out of that say $4,500 left over.

Then take 30% taxes and then you would have about $3,150 remaining at the end of the month to continue improving the project.

All of this does not include the fixed cost of purchasing 600 acres of land and the cost of building the ceremonial maloka, accountant fees and I am sure there are many other miscellaneous expenses that I am missing here.

If I was rich man I would be doing this work for free with a very strict screening process for those that really need healing in this life…which is probably all of us.