Ayahuasca Sirens – Mermaids

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In the Amazon, there are many stories and sightings of mermaids or Sirens. The shamans of Ayahuasca are well aware of these creatures that they believe to be real spirit beings that live between the physical and spiritual realms.

The sirens are noted to appear as a beautiful enchanting woman with long hair and perfect form, the lower half of the body having the appearance of a fish with golden scales. They are said to show up on the sandy beaches of the Amazon River during the full moon when the Amazon River is passing through its low water phase with the intention to find a man luring them with their intoxicating magical songs that are irresistible.

It is said that when they entrap a man they take the man to their world in the water to live with them and create a family. These could possibly be explained away as an excuse as to why a man might have left his wife for another woman as it might be easier to say that the man left for a mythical creature with the fantastic story supernatural intervention.

Beyond this explanation, there seem to be other stories that become more difficult to explain away. In the world of Ayahuasca Shamanism, the shamans believe in the spiritual realm world of the water and the many denizens that reside there sirens being one of the many different spirit beings that abound.

Some of the magical songs called Icaros that the shamans use to call the Sirens to the ceremony to help protect the ceremonial space. There are more fascinating stories that begin to defy explanation regarding the sightings of these beautiful creatures.

There was this young man that was a boatman, his job was to drive the boat during the day and guard the boat by night here in Iquitos, Peru on the Rio Momon. He began to have dreams while he was sleeping on the boat at night that a woman would come and have relations with him and as he would awaken from his sleep, his whole body and clothing would be drenched in water. In the dreams, the woman would speak with him saying come with me, be with me, and be my love. She told the young man to promise not to tell anyone about her.

After three months of this happening on a regular basis, she came to the young man and said that she was bearing a child as a result of the relationship between them and that he needed to go with her and live with her. He told her in the dream that he could not go with her because he has his wife and family. She became enraged and attempted to take him against his wish.

He woke up startled but felt an uncontrollable urge to cast himself into the water. But fought against it with the strength of his will. He called out for help, and the other workers that were close by came running to him as a response to his urgent cries for assistance.

When the other people came to his aide, he was just standing there as if his mind was wiped blank. All the people could see the impression of a woman’s face within the glass of the boat.

The people brought the young man to the shaman which his diagnosis was that he has been enchanted by a mermaid. The shaman performed three healing ceremonies to remove the enchantment.

Another story is about another young man who lived on the Rio Maranon. He used to fish in one location at a lake underneath a Toe’ bush where there were many aquatic plants.

Then one day a beautiful young woman appeared to him coming out of the water in that very location and was just staring at him as he was fishing. He thought to himself what this beautiful woman is doing in the water? She had a beautiful virgin face with long golden hair and golden scales on the bottom half of her fish-like body.

He fell asleep in his canoe realizing later that she enchanted and hypnotized him. She appeared to him within his dreams telling him not to be afraid I am here to help you, I will give you many different types of fish that will help you support you and your family. Her having one condition would be that he could not tell anyone about her.

He woke up from his sleep a little confused and curious as to what he had just witnessed and dreamt. He returned to the same location the next day. She was waiting for him. He cast his net and it was if fish were all corralled in this location and within one cast of his net, he retrieved a plethora of fish.

She always remained far away from him, watching and observing. But when he would sleep she would always come to the edge of his canoe and speak with him. After three months of the sirens visiting him and him bringing so many fish home to his family. He decided to tell his wife about the mermaid. His wife told him if he kept doing this that one day she would steal him.

When he returned to the lake she was no longer there, he cast his net, and after hours upon hours of fishing, he was unable to catch not one single fish. In the evening after he fell asleep, she appeared to him in his dream. She said to him while being extremely sad and crying “I told you not to tell anyone. I was in love with you and willing to always help you. But now I cannot see you and cannot help you ever again.” After this time she never appeared to him again and he was not able to ever catch not even one fish in that lake.

Some sirens are thought to be good, and others are considered to be more of a negative inclination. Fanciful stories or possible realities one can only wonder but for the people of the Amazon, these beings have a real existence just like you and me.

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