Ayahuasca Sirens – Mermaids

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In the Amazon, there are many stories and sightings of mermaids or Sirens. The shamans of Ayahuasca are well aware of these creatures that they believe to be real spirit beings that live between the physical and spiritual realms.

The sirens are noted to appear as a beautiful enchanting woman with long hair and perfect form, the lower half of the body having the appearance of a fish with golden scales. They are said to show up on the sandy beaches of the Amazon River during the full moon when the Amazon River is passing through its low water phase with the intention to find a man luring them with their intoxicating magical songs that are irresistible.

It is said that when they entrap a man they take the man to their world in the water to live with them and create a family. These could possibly be explained away as an excuse as to why a man might have left his wife for another woman as it might be easier to say that the man left for a mythical creature with the fantastic story supernatural intervention.

Beyond this explanation, there seem to be other stories that become more difficult to explain away. In the world of Ayahuasca Shamanism, the shamans believe in the spiritual realm world of the water and the many denizens that reside there sirens being one of the many different spirit beings that abound.

Some of the magical songs called Icaros that the shamans use to call the Sirens to the ceremony to help protect the ceremonial space. There are more fascinating stories that begin to defy explanation regarding the sightings of these beautiful creatures.

There was this young man that was a boatman, his job was to drive the boat during the day and guard the boat by night here in Iquitos, Peru on the Rio Momon. He began to have dreams while he was sleeping on the boat at night that a woman would come and have relations with him and as he would awaken from his sleep, his whole body and clothing would be drenched in water. In the dreams, the woman would speak with him saying come with me, be with me, and be my love. She told the young man to promise not to tell anyone about her.

After three months of this happening on a regular basis, she came to the young man and said that she was bearing a child as a result of the relationship between them and that he needed to go with her and live with her. He told her in the dream that he could not go with her because he has his wife and family. She became enraged and attempted to take him against his wish.

He woke up startled but felt an uncontrollable urge to cast himself into the water. But fought against it with the strength of his will. He called out for help, and the other workers that were close by came running to him as a response to his urgent cries for assistance.

When the other people came to his aide, he was just standing there as if his mind was wiped blank. All the people could see the impression of a woman’s face within the glass of the boat.

The people brought the young man to the shaman which his diagnosis was that he has been enchanted by a mermaid. The shaman performed three healing ceremonies to remove the enchantment.

Another story is about another young man who lived on the Rio Maranon. He used to fish in one location at a lake underneath a Toe’ bush where there were many aquatic plants.

Then one day a beautiful young woman appeared to him coming out of the water in that very location and was just staring at him as he was fishing. He thought to himself what this beautiful woman is doing in the water? She had a beautiful virgin face with long golden hair and golden scales on the bottom half of her fish-like body.

He fell asleep in his canoe realizing later that she enchanted and hypnotized him. She appeared to him within his dreams telling him not to be afraid I am here to help you, I will give you many different types of fish that will help you support you and your family. Her having one condition would be that he could not tell anyone about her.

He woke up from his sleep a little confused and curious as to what he had just witnessed and dreamt. He returned to the same location the next day. She was waiting for him. He cast his net and it was if fish were all corralled in this location and within one cast of his net, he retrieved a plethora of fish.

She always remained far away from him, watching and observing. But when he would sleep she would always come to the edge of his canoe and speak with him. After three months of the sirens visiting him and him bringing so many fish home to his family. He decided to tell his wife about the mermaid. His wife told him if he kept doing this that one day she would steal him.

When he returned to the lake she was no longer there, he cast his net, and after hours upon hours of fishing, he was unable to catch not one single fish. In the evening after he fell asleep, she appeared to him in his dream. She said to him while being extremely sad and crying “I told you not to tell anyone. I was in love with you and willing to always help you. But now I cannot see you and cannot help you ever again.” After this time she never appeared to him again and he was not able to ever catch not even one fish in that lake.

Some sirens are thought to be good, and others are considered to be more of a negative inclination. Fanciful stories or possible realities one can only wonder but for the people of the Amazon, these beings have a real existence just like you and me.


Ayahuasca Healing Surgeries

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Back in 2008, I was suffering from a hiatal hernia. I was dating my current wife and told her about this nagging problem that I had from years of martial arts training and the injury that ensued. She began to tell me the story of a shaman that does operations his name being Don Umberto and how her mother and brother were healed by him.

Her mother went to the clinic and they proceeded to run a few tests on her. The sonogram showed that she had tumors on her ovaries and that she needed to get them removed. She thought to herself that this is not the course of action she wanted to take, she wanted to find an alternative to surgery.

A friend of hers suggested that she speak to the Ayahuasca shaman Don Umberto. She went to Don Umberto who was blind at the time which was told to me was caused by an attack of sorcery for healing one of his patients that was afflicted by sorcery from a brujo.

Don Umberto was a Banco Ayahuascero and Spiritista who specialized in calling the spirit doctors to perform surgeries on his patients as needed. When my mother in law went for the initial consultation with Don Umberto, he sat in front of her and began to smoke mapacho and made the diagnosis that yes indeed she did have tumors on her ovaries and that he would take care of removing them for her and that she would not need to get the operation at the clinic. He told her to come the next evening so he could perform the spiritual surgery.

Pilar arrived the next evening and as she entered there were six patients lying on mats on the floor and Don Umberto was sitting in the center seat against the wall with two other shamans who were his assistants flanked on each of his sides. He had Pilar lay on one of the mats.

Don Umberto and the two other shamans imbibed Ayahuasca and commenced the ceremony. She was lying on the mat and as soon as the lights went out the last thing she remembered was Don Umberto saying, “Let the doctors come in.”

When the ceremony finished, they woke her up and put her and each individual patient in beds so they could sleep and be able to return to their respective residences in the morning. When they woke her up, she felt as if she was drugged similar to when one just comes out of anesthesia. She laid down and went to sleep.

The next morning when she awoke the shaman came over and sang several Icaros over her. He told her if she had pain when she returns home that she should take ibuprofen to calm her discomfort. When she went to stand up as she normally would she felt a pull and pain inside her body. The shaman told her to be careful and be gentle with her body because she just had surgery. She returned to her home and stayed in bed for the day but was told to return the next week to follow up on the procedure.

While she was in bed she was feeling pain inside her body as if she really did just have surgery yet there were no incisions on the outside of her body. She stayed in bed for three days because anytime she got up out of bed she felt some pain and straining in her lower abdomen. She returned in one week and Don Umberto gave her a medicinal plant preparation to drink. She returned within a few weeks to the clinic for them to check her condition and to the doctors surprise she no longer had tumors within her body. Don Umberto cured her.

Another person Luis Vasquez had a problem with his knee and could not walk for weeks, this is the son of Pilar. Because of the success with Pilar’s healing, she decided to bring her son to Don Umberto for treatment.

Luis went through the same consultation and was now laying on the mat as the ceremony was beginning for him. He felt himself becoming extremely drowsy but fought to stay awake and aware. He became startled as he saw tall white spirits as men in white robes coming close to him.

The one spirit man that appeared whither and brighter than the rest approached him and pierced his knee with a long white needle or wand all the way through from one side to the other. When he felt the needle-like item pierce his knee he screeched because of feeling the piercing, moments afterward he lost consciousness and awoke the next day. Within a few days, he no longer had any pain and could walk again without a problem.

After these stories, I decided to go to Don Umberto for my Hiatal Hernia. When I arrived at his home which was given to him by a man that he cured of cancer from Germany I was curious, doubtful and hopeful at the same time.

Don Umberto sat in front of me and began his consultation by singing a magical song and smoking his mapaho. He diagnosed me and gave me a drink of Achiote leaf prepared with water to drink to clean myself out from the spiritual surgery he was to perform the next evening.

When I arrived the next evening there were about six other patients lying on the floor on mats and one mat was waiting empty for me. I went and laid down on the mat. As we waited for about 6 other shamans besides Don Umberto arrived and sat flanked on each of his sides.

They all drank Ayahuasca and then shut the lights. Within minutes I lost consciousness. I awoke hours later wondering where I was for a moment, it was like I just closed my eyes for a moment and all of a sudden I was awake.

I felt strangely numb and groggy.

I returned to my fiancé’s house at the time and went to sleep, I awoke the next day and felt three points around my solar plexus region with pain. I was told to not do anything strenuous for six weeks. My brother in Law is also a shaman looked at me and said, “Oh, Don Umberto did a good job.” As he pointed directly at the three points exactly where I was feeling the pain.

After this, I had no symptoms until I returned to the United States and began wrestling with my son Dante and felt two pops and rips within my chest. This was only two weeks after Don Umberto worked on me.

But since that time, I have never had exactly the same symptoms if only I would have listened and not forgotten the instructions for six weeks. Unfortunately, I heard bad news that Don Umberto passed away in 2015. I was looking forward to visiting with this great shaman again. He helped so many people while he was alive, a humble, loving and wonderful healer he was.


Ayahuasca Healing

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In a time when we hear of so many negative things in the news and the papers every day, it is refreshing not only to hear but be a part of a beautiful Ayahuasca Healing transformation of two people’s lives, individually and as a couple. Not only did they have great change but through their experiences, the depth of healing that came my way was also surprising, unexpected and amazing. They were a couple that was dealing with patterns of past childhood abuse mentally, emotionally and sexually that ravaged Richelle’s life for a lifetime. Their marriage was broken and drifting in different directions feeling there was no hope and that if the events continued to ensure that Richelle felt her life slipping from her. When Richelle first came there were much fear and apprehension it was thought by me, that with confidence in the shamans, Ayahuasca Healing and Huachuma that there would be breakthroughs but nothing prepared me for the intense time we all spent together and breakthroughs beyond what I could have perceived on many levels. Over the course of 35 days, there were many landscapes of emotions that were traversed. Fear, resentment, anger, judgment, sadness, feeling deceived, remorse later changing to love, forgiveness, laughter, non-judgment, happiness, and hope. Probably for me to be a witness to and a part of the events that transpired, was a most intense and a most extreme education. John came to Iquitos for about a week in the middle of the thirty-five days with the intention to end his marriage. But in the end, through their experiences with loving intentions, the result is clearly displayed in the photo above. They are a wonderful couple back together with a renewed life. They keep growing closer and ayahuasca healing every day and they have become close friends of our family. Here are in their own words an expression of their experiences and feelings of their time in the jungle.

“Even writing a book could not give a glimpse of what I experienced at Kawsay. As an almost walking dead person, I had turned so many ways searching for help. Resources dwindling, I knew I did not have the energy or finances to look much further. The deadness I felt inside had been with me since childhood and I just could not shake it off. With the help of Ayahuasca, Huachuma, the support of the curanderos. and William’s amazing insightful counseling, the light began to push itself into the dark controlled spaces within my spirit and physical body. Repressed fear began to course through and beg for expression while exiting my body during my Ayahuasca and Huachuma ceremonies. Finally, a wail ripped out of my chest as my body remembered the sexual molestation that I suffered and repressed as a young child. So long I suspected it but thought it only a trick of my mind trying to create a reason for my never-ending depression. In an instant, I understood my general mistrust of men and my unreasonable resentment of authority. Even though other grave traumas occurred in my life and were presently developing, this was a positive key factor in curing all. Soon I felt able to forgive my life. I had always despised myself and hoped some event would take me out of my life permanently. But crying tears of self-forgiveness, I began to realize this as the point at which I could begin appreciating all of the many blessings in my life. After that session, I went into a ceremony where I experienced true self-love – a feat I had never been able to master before. I announced to everyone there that the most important person in the world loved me and that person was me. At that moment, I knew that now, I could truly begin to love others as well. These profound self-realization and I would call them self-actualizations and even more occurred at my stay at Kawsay. A lifetime of psychotherapy could not closely approach what I experienced at Kawsay. I would highly recommend Kawsay Retreat to anyone. What sets it apart is the small group size and the amount of care and support you receive. Staying at Kawsay, you get to experience the true spirit of the Amazon Jungle versus being only miles away from the congested city of Iquitos like so many other retreats are.”–RICHELLE PARKER

“I recently spent a week Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat. This was probably the most profound week that I spent in my life. I have a very busy business life serving as CEO of a small software and consulting company. However, I neglected other important parts of my life such as my wife of 35 years. Our marriage was rapidly deteriorating; we had totally lost our physical passion and emotional intimacy for each other. In my view, my wife had become so self-centered and did not care about me anymore. I had also become insensitive and was also losing interest in our relationship. We had reached a point where neither one of us were happy. I let my wife go to Kawsay to discover where she wanted to go with her life and to heal from a broken marriage. After a week, she called me and said that I had to go there and be with her and that the time there would provide great insight to both of us. I hesitated at first, but then I decided we needed this opportunity together to decide our future. I booked my one week trip to Peru. William and my wife met me at the airport. My wife seemed so different. She looked in my eyes and I felt such a love that I had not seen in the last 30 years. We did two Ayahuasca and two San Pedro ceremonies together where I discovered, she is my destiny. I felt such love and passion for her and saw her as a beautiful being of light. It seemed that sensitivity had grown from zero to 100 overnight. At one of the San Pedro ceremonies, she was going through intense emotional processing. I stayed by her side and was truly there for her in her time of need. Our emotional intimacy grew to a level we had never known. This short week in Peru made so many changes in me that it is difficult to describe. Now that we have returned to our normal lives, our love has done nothing but grow. We are planning another trip to Kawsay in the near future. In fact, we plan on recommitting ourselves to each other through a ceremonial marriage, which we want to have in Peru. This experience could never have been possible without the care and support that we received from William and the Kawsay Shamans. This week in the Amazon Jungle, without a phone, the Internet or even electricity was truly life-changing and allowed me to make changes and set priorities in my life that would have been impossible without this experience. I highly recommend Kawsay to anyone who wants to make profound changes in their life.”-JOHN PARKER

We are blessed in this time to have the opportunity for modern man to be able to experience the healing modalities of the “primitive” shamanic healing arts. The experiences of John and Richelle is a testament to what is possible within the realm of ayahuasca healing with Ayahuasca and Huachuma especially in the hands of the shamans that have dedicated their lives to helping and healing our fellow man, always in service for the greater good of all.


Ayahuasca Retreats | Needs of the Jungle People

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Many people come from throughout the world to work with the shamans of the Jungle with Ayahuasca. I wanted to point out the fact of how difficult it is for the lives of the people on the rivers and surrounding areas. Since I have been in Iquitos since June of 2013, I have begun to understand the culture and the needs of the people. One of the main needs of the people especially children and there are a lot of them is clothing. So as you come to one of the Ayahuasca Retreats or even come to work solo with a shaman it is always a good idea to look in your closet and see what old clothes you do not wear anymore or some children you might know that have outgrown their clothing or shoes and if you have a little space or can make a little extra room the small act of kindness of a shirt, a skirt or small pair of shoes will make a difference. The little act of kindness will go a long way and be greatly appreciated. So when you come to any of the jungle regions in the Amazon basin for Ayahuasca, remember the people and children that will benefit from some clothing you might normally discard and I am sure if you come you will come across or see a child or adult and have the opportunity to give your gift direct to the one in need. As we all know the ripples of kindness make an impression and make this world a better place.


A Personal Account of Shamanic Ayahuasca Healing.

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Years ago I went to the Amazon to work in a ceremony with the shamans and Ayahuasca with an amazing shamanic Ayahuasca Healing. I had an injury to my lower spine that happened previously from upwards of 30 years of martial arts training and weightlifting.

I had many disk problems and was tormented in pain every day for years when I awoke from my nights’ sleep. If I would turn just the wrong way I would fall to the floor in excruciating pain, then the spasms would begin and I would be stuck in a chair for days, the doctor prescribing for my pain, muscle relaxing and anti-inflammatory medications to help alleviate the symptoms.

I looked bizarre as my back was out of place when I began to walk and my hips were displaced all the way to the left and my shoulders arching forward and to the right. Once I was even taken away in an ambulance to the hospital because discs became displaced while I was driving on the highway and began to spasm so severely and the pain so excruciating that I could not even see around me.

This posture would continue as well as the excruciating pain for weeks until my body would try to bring itself back into balance. Then I would be just “ok” for a few weeks to a few months then this cycle would continue again and again.

When I went to the Amazon, the shamans asked me what I had problems with, and I proceeded to tell them about my back. Banco Ayahuasquero Don Romulo said he would help my back during the Ayahuasca Healing ceremonies. During the ceremonies, Don Romulo would call me to the floor, have me lay face down and would begin to work on my back first with his magical songs called Icaros and then suck from my lower back where the injury was located. He continued this work on my back for three days during the ceremonies and then on the third day his son, another master shaman named Winister, during the day brought me closer to the river and told me to face the sun.

He then proceeded to take three large dried kernels of corn and one by one bounce each kernel off of my lower spine at the location of the injury, after this he proceeded to plant each kernel in a straight line facing the sun and told me that when the stalks of corn grow that my back would become strong again and never have a problem with it slipping out of place.

The result, it has been several years, and to my surprise and astonishment I no longer have pain in my lower back, my back has never slipped out of place again. What can you attribute this to? Is the work that the shamans do real? I can only share what my experiences have been and what is and has been real in my own subjective reality.

I cannot say what is real or true for another, all I know is that the experience for me that I am sharing here was and is very real because I am a living testament to the help that I received. The fact that the symptoms that I was experiencing, the tormenting pain, the inability to walk straight when the discs slipped out of place, and the discs slipping out if I turned the wrong way have all ceased since that particular time I was in the Jungle with these Shamans Ayahuasca Healing.