The Wisdom of the Jungle: Don Romulo – The Guardian of Ancient Secrets and Master Trunco Ayahuascero

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At the heart of Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat resides Don Romulo, a revered Trunco Ayahuascero and the chief master shaman with whom the retreat is aligned. Born in 1936, Don Romulo represents a rare breed of shamans capable of harmonizing with the elements of earth, water, air, and fire, serving as a spiritual conduit for ancient wisdom and profound healing.

Background and Initiation:

From a tender age of eight, Don Romulo was immersed in the secrets of Ayahuasca, embraced by its revelations during a night shrouded in darkness. The path of shamanism chose him, illuminated by the legacy of his father and older brother, who were shamans, and fueled by his observations of countless souls suffering from seemingly incurable diseases. Don Romulo’s journey began with strict diets and isolation, guided by the whispers of Ayahuasca and the teachings of the spirits.

Journey and Discoveries:

Through his continuous ceremonies and diligent learning, Don Romulo encountered entities resembling elves, enlightening him with the ability to perceive the ailments afflicting individuals and the knowledge of medicinal plants required to alleviate them. His journey was marked by numerous healing episodes, such as curing a baby suffering from manchari at the age of twelve. The quest for understanding further propelled him into the vastness of the Amazon, discovering more about the myriad of healing plants, trees, and vines, and learning varied Icaros, magical healing songs each addressing different ailments.

Higher Learning and Challenges:

At twenty, Don Romulo received the medicine of “La Ponga”, a spiritual tree from the Amazon Jungle, granting him the Mariri, allowing him to cure those afflicted with negative magic from sorcerers or Brujos. This escalated his commitment to being prepared for myriad spiritual confrontations, requiring immense strength and bravery to navigate the dangers posed by the practitioners of negative magic. His journey with Ayahuasca opened doors to realms unknown to many, revealing the intertwining realities of the physical and the spiritual world.

Lineage and Legacy:

Don Romulo’s lineage traverses beyond recorded memory, with his great-great-grandfather’s legacy lingering as a distant echo. William, the facilitator, and owner of Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat, is a living testament to Don Romulo’s profound integrity and power. Don Romulo remains a humble and wise custodian of ancient secrets, generously sharing his profound knowledge with those who seek to tread the path of Ayahuasca.

Don Romulo is more than a master shaman; he is the keeper of ancient secrets, a beacon of light guiding souls through the labyrinth of existence, unveiling the sacred symphony of the universe. His wisdom is a priceless treasure, enriching the lives of all who are fortunate to cross his path. The presence of such a sagacious spirit like Don Romulo elevates Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat to a sanctuary where ancient wisdom, divine revelations, and profound healing harmoniously converge, offering solace to the souls wandering in search of healing and truth.