Don Winister Jr., Ayahuascero

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Don Winister Junior represents the third living generation of the legendary lineage of healer ayahuasca shamans, as the grandson of the revered Don Romulo and the son of Don Winister,  preserving the ancestral traditions and wisdom passed down through generations.

Ancestral Legacy and Training:

Don Junior was raised in the ancestral practices of healing and spirituality, having received beneficial guidance and teachings from both his grandfather and father. This dual guidance has enabled him to delve deeply into the ancient practices and ceremonies, gaining the profound understanding and techniques required for Ayahuasca healing work.

Heart-Centered Healing:

Don Junior is an example of healing from the heart, steadfast diligence, and a heightened ability to see the spiritual dimensions. His healing manner is characterized by a gentle yet strong connection to the spiritual world of the Amazon Jungle and Mother Ayahuasca, enabling him to channel the transformational energies of Ayahuasca with compassion and empathy.

Commitment to the Path:

His journey is defined by a deep dedication to the sacred art of healing. Don Junior’s shamanic abilities, along with his big heart, make him a fitting guide to individuals seeking support and healing through the ages-old Ayahuasca.

At Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat, Don Winister Junior is an expression of real caring and spiritual insight. His ancestors’ wisdom and the traditional ceremonies he assists with and upholds are evident in his lineage. His heart-centered approach and profound appreciation for the healing arts make him an excellent healer of ayahuasca, assisting in transformation and connection to everyone who seek Ayahuasca’s embrace. Don Romulo’s ancestors’ heritage lives on and is illustrated via the heart and perceptive spirit of Don Winister Junior.