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Iquitos, Peru is a unique place amongst the cities of the world. It is a city that is situated between several rivers, the Itaya River, the Nanay River and the mighty Amazon River creating an island that has no roads that lead to this isolated location deep in the Amazon Jungle. The only way to travel to Iquitos is by plane or boat. This leads to a unique culture primarily due to its isolation from the outside world. Surprisingly this city supports approximately 550,000 people in an area 7 miles long by 4 miles wide. Iquitos has been given the award for being the gateway to the Amazon since it is the largest city only at the beginning of the Amazon River and in 2012 received the designation as one of the seven wonders of the natural world. One of the exciting aspects of this city is the confluence of peoples that travel into the city from throughout the planet especially over the past twenty years or so using it as a springboard searching for the transcendent experience that has come out of the jungle by working with Ayahuasca and the shamans of the Amazon. Many have come to Iquitos, Peru to do ayahuasca ceremonies with the shamans of the jungle to heal, and many lives have been changed and altered for the better by the experiences they have had here.

Iquitos can be charming, and after living here for after five years I have learned much about the way of thinking of the people who live here steeped in the spiritual tradition of the Amazon Jungle, magic abounds and stories of ghosts and the existence of many healers and brujos. If something goes wrong with someone, there is always a magical source of the bad that is to blame. Many spiritually gifted people seem to find themselves either coming to stay or passing through. Iquitos has become a launching pad into the mysterious shamanic world of the Amazonian shamans and their magical brew Ayahuasca.

When coming to Iquitos, there are several recommendations regarding lodging and dining that I have for you. If you visit Kawsay Ayahuasca retreat center and would like to stay afterwards, several Hotels and hostels are available depending on your budget. I recommend several restaurants that offer clean delicious and affordable food. There are also many other excursions that can be enjoyed and experienced if you do decide to extend your stay in this magical place.


DoubleTree By Hilton Iquitos

Jr. Napo 258
Telephone: +51 065 222 555

Casa Morey

Loreto St. 200
Telephone: +51 065 231 913

Casa Moray was built between 1910 and 1912 and used to one of the Rubber Barons mansions and has been restored to its former elegance. Very peaceful quiet and elegant. One of my favorite places.

Hotel Marañon

Fitzcarrald/Nauta 289
Telephone : +51 065 242 673
Fax:+51 065 231 737

Época Hotel

Ramírez Hurtado # 616
Telephone: +51 065 224 172

Hotel Camu Camu

Calle Putumayo 376
Telephone: +51 065 234 839
+51 065 234 539

Bora Hotel

Raymondi # 363
Telephone: +51 065 223 687

Amazon Apart Hotel

Av. Aguirre 1151
Telephone:+51 065 730 904
+51 965 961 453

La Casona Hotel

Jr. Fitzcarrald # 147
Telephone: +51 065 234 394

Nativa Apartments

Nanay 144
Telephone:+51 065 600 270
+ 51 065 234 208
Cell: +51 965 810 318
English attention only + 51 980 364 553

Victoria Regia

Ricardo Palma 252
Telephone: +51 065 231 983

La Posada de Lobo Hotel & Suites

Cobo Pantoja 417
Telephone: +51 065 236 140


Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

Malecon Maldonado 185
Telephone: +51 065 223 730
+51 065 600 056

One of my favourite places to eat right on the boulevard overlooking the Itaya river. The food is excellent, and they offer a special menu for those that are on the Ayahuasca diet. Owned and operated by one of the nicest smiling faces and ex-pats from the United States Captain Bill Grimes and his lovely wife Marmelita. The owners are very conscious of the service, cleanliness, and freshness of their food. They have a deliciously varied menu, and the location is very comfortable and hospitable. They also offer wireless connection for laptops and wireless-enabled cell phones. They also provide Amazon tours and Amazon cruises on the upper Amazon River and its tributaries from Iquitos, Peru. Check their website for more details.

La Gran Maloca

Sargento Lores 170
Telephone: +51 065 233 126

This is an elegant restaurant with a great menu. The food and service are excellent.

El Trinchero

Calle Napo 393
Telephone: +51 065 225 917

A great grill. Delicious food! Make sure if you are sensitive to monosodium glutamate to ask for your food to be prepared without it. You gotta try the chimichurri sauce.

Karma Café

Calle Napo 138
Telephone: +51 065 600 576

A charming place to eat with a great atmosphere.

Huasai Restaurant

Fitzcarrald 131
Telephone: +51 065 242 222

Antica Pizzeria
Jr. Napo 159
Telephone: +51 065 241 988

Chez Maggy
Raymondi 177-158
Telephone: +51 065 241 816
+51 065 232 731

Genuine brick oven pizza, kinds of pasta and also grilled meat dinners and lunches. A favorite of many locals.

La Rustica

Putumayo 467
Telephone: +51 065 603 665

Al Frio y Al Fuego

Av La Marina 138
Telephone: +51 065- 607 474

Amazon Bistro

Malecon Tarapaca 268
Telephone: +51 065 600 785

An excellent restaurant that opens for breakfast at 6:00 a.m. and generally closes in the evening when the last customer leaves.

Chef Paz

Putumayo 468
Telephone: +51 065 241 277