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Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreats Shamanic Family

We are all family and be assured when you visit with us, you become our family also
ayahuasca retreat ayahuasca shaman

Don Romulo

Amazing Trunco Ayahuascero began when he was 8 years old and now in his eighties.

ayahuasca retreat ayahuasca shaman

Don Winister

Maestro ayahuascero dedicated until everyone’s healing is completed.

ayahuasca retreat ayahuasca shaman

William Menech

Huachumero dedicated to a life of service to help you grow and heal in shamanic realms.

All of us have dedicated our lives to help people heal

The level of experience we have as a combined team of Ayahuasca and San Pedro shamans equals over 100 years. We work together as an incredibly harmonious fusion of two different shamanic paths Ayahuasca and San Pedro. Our focus is to help everyone we can to the best of our ability. It is amazing how some of the ceremonies can last until almost sunrize when everyone’s shamanic treatment is finished.

Don Romulo

Banco Ayahuasquero

Don Romulo is the main master shaman that we are aligned and work with, for our Ayahuasca ceremonies. Don Romulo was born in 1936, he is a rare breed of shaman called a “Banco Ayahuasquero”. As foreign as the description may seem to us in our cultural paradigm a “Banco” has the ability through many years of strict diets, isolation in the jungle, working with Ayahuasca and the spirits to become the “chair” or “bank” of the spirits in order for the entry of the spirits into his body to help cure people of disease. They have mastered the spiritual aspect of earth, water, air, and fire. Here is Don Romulo’s history in his own words.

“My first experience with Ayahuasca I was 8 years old. When I drank with my oldest brother on this very dark night it was revealed to me many secrets that Ayahuasca keeps. I made the decision to become a shaman because my father and oldest brother were shamans and also I saw a lot of people who needed help with diseases that science could not find the cause of the malady. After my first ceremony, I began a regime of strict diets no salt, sugar, spicy, acidic or oily foods. With this diet, I received much knowledge of the medicinal plants that exist in the Amazon. After this, I began to do ceremonies with Ayahuasca and during my visions I encountered many small humanoids similar to what the appearance of elves might look like, they taught me how to see the disease that the patient was suffering from and what medicinal plants were needed to alleviate the condition.

When I was 12 years old, the first person I was able to cure was baby who was suffering from manchari (a condition defined by apparent fright and continued crying and nervous fits that does not subside over a period of time), Through the process taught to me by the spirits and Ayahuasca the manchari was cured. To be a shaman I must know how to cure many diseases. I continued my ceremonies and diets into the depths of the jungle so I could have the ability to concentrate and continue to learn more Icaros (magical healing songs) because different problems have their own icaros to remedy the problem.

As I continued to diet more quickly I learned many many things including many more medicinal plants, trees, and vines that Mother Nature has given to us. When I was 20 years old I was given the medicine of “La Ponga” ( a spiritual tree in the Amazon) which was given to me like a phlegm called Mariri. With this phlegm, I then became able to cure people who were inflicted with witchcraft from sorcerers or Brujos (practitioners of negative magical works). As a shaman, it is necessary to be prepared for all of this to have the medicinal and defensive ability. To be a shaman you have to be strong and brave because we are exposed to dangers of the brujos.

Ayahuasca holds many secrets, many people do not know what is real and exist in the physical and spiritual world. To study the spirit world with Ayahuasca has a beginning but not an end. At my age now I have allot of knowledge about Ayahuasca. I have taught many people on the path with Ayahuasca and I am not stingy teaching what I know.” The lineage of Don Romulo goes back many generations so far that there is no record or memory past his great great grandfather. I, William have been a testament to the power and integrity that Don Romulo works with, he is a humble man and very wise. If only a handful of us could know just a portion of his experience our lives would be enriched immeasurably.

William Menech


I have been involved in spiritual practices and studies since I have been a young boy. I first received my initiation into shamanism by the world of spirit when I was 30 years old. Since this time I have worked with many different shamans from many different modalities from throughout the world. I have studied and been in ceremonies with many Ayahuasqueros with Ayahuasca and finally settled down with Don Romulo and Don Winister because of their dedication to working as true healers. I also began working with the spirit plant medicine Huachuma or San Pedro throughout the temples in Peru with several Huachumeros since 2005. Finally receiving my initiation by Huachuma in 2015 as a true Huachumero after many years of many spiritual tests. I have acquired much knowledge and experience dealing with the spiritual worlds that shamanism opens, helping and healing through the access and connection to the divine. I also have an extensive knowledge of the medicinal plants that have been used by the shamans to help treat many different conditions. My intention is the true healing to what extent one can be healed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.From a place of service to our fellow man, the planet and our creator with great heartfelt love.

-William Menech

Don Winister

Shaman Master Ayahuascero

Winister is the second master shaman that we work with. Winister was born in 1964. He is the son of Romulo the Banco Ayahuasquero. In Winisters’ words, this is his history.

“My first experience with Ayahuasca was when I was 15 years old, I was in school and working at that time. In my first ceremony I had a lot of visions both positive and negative, I saw a lot of serpents and heard the sound of Ayahuasca coming from the earth. After that I was dieting with Ayahuasca for one year, then I had to temporarily leave my apprenticeship for some time to enter the military. After I returned from the military I went to visit my father on his farm and decided to continue dieting with Ayahuasca because I was going down a bad path in my life. I decided to make Ayahuasca my doctor and began again my diet, but stronger of no salt, sugar, spicy and greasy foods and no sexual relations. This diet I continued far away from my family deep in the jungle because the spirits of Ayahuasca through my dreams and ceremonies showed me that I was going to be a master shaman and my father told me that one day I would be a teacher to help humanity and that I would also need to learn to help my children. My father gave me his medicine and I continued to do many diets so I could become a master shaman to be able to detect what is wrong with the patient to know and use the medicinal plants. It is not easy to use all the powers of plant medicines it takes a lot of special diets. The ceremonies of Ayahuasca brings a lot of visions of the spiritual and material worlds, it is a doctor who teaches you the good way in behavior in the material and spiritual realms.”

Winister is very serious, quiet and strong yet kind in heart who like many of us have traveled down paths that could be detrimental to oneself but making the decision to heal himself with the aid of Ayahuasca and grow in a positive direction, always looking out for ways to help where he can, he is a good man and works very hard in his work with Ayahuasca and in life.