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Like many people I felt stuck with my life, I had so many questions I needed answering and I made a decision to go to South America to try out mother ayahuasca in hopes she could enlighten me and help me find what I am looking for. Making the decision of going was not difficult, however, as I was going alone I needed to make sure I was safe and that I was going with a good group of people and shamans I could trust. After googling countless retreats and reading testimonials, I found William Menech’s Kawsay Retreat website. Something drew me in and I got in contact with him. We spoke for about a month or 2 through whats-app before I made my decision to go with his retreat. The moment I got to Peru I knew it was the best decision I have ever made! William and his group of shamans and helpers were all very genuine and welcoming. I could tell that they took this work very seriously and that their number 1 purpose was to help us in our healing and ensure they did the best they could in our with the medicine and the ceremonies. I’ve never met a group of people that are so caring and humble, there was no ego attached to them. Being in the Amazon jungle and away from all the modern distraction and also working with plant medicine was a crazy but yet beautiful experience. I will never ever forget it! It has almost been a year now since my experience with Kawsay Retreat and until today I am still very blessed that I had the opportunity to work with William, Don Romulo, Don Winister and Caesar. They have helped me change my life in so many ways, words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am. If you get a chance to take time out of this busy life, go and spend some time in the jungle. Work with the shamans and this beautiful plant medicine, you will not only be able to find yourself but you will also open so many doors to an amazing life ahead. There are so many times in the ceremonies where I felt like a button has been reset or reprogrammed. It was like being born again. If you’re reading this testimonial and are seeking some answers, I would highly recommend Kawsay Retreat! With this group of divine souls, you will feel safe, connected and right at home.


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