Aridio A.

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Virginia – United Estates

Thank you, William, Thank you Don Romulo, Thank you Don Winister, and Thank you, Cesar, for all your hard work and genuine friendship. I can honestly say that I hold you guys close to my heart, you are truly my extended family. You guys are world-class and perform amazing healing work. William was so attentive to everyone’s needs and made sure everyone was comfortable. The shamans are just incredible and are all very unique. The healing work was very personal and has absolutely changed my outlook on life, awakened my true purpose in life. Going to Qhispikay was the best decision I could have ever made and I can honestly say that what I thought I wanted in life was not what I really truly deeply wanted or needed. I’m lost for words to explain my experience but be transformed, live life in the now and find your inner self. Oh, and the food was amazingly delicious. Thank You


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