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Rome – Italia

I previously had a retreat in Iquitos, where the ayahuasca wasn’t that well – so the whole group decided to leave 2 days before. We were then so lucky to run into William (the owner of the retreat), and we all came on a tour with him. It was amazing!

We had such an amazing time. The ayahuasca was much stronger and everybody in the group had some great experiences and the shamans were great and very good their job!

The location is also fantastic. It’s about 2 hours from Iquitos and deep in the Amazon jungle. Loved the trip out there and back. And don’t forget the food. Even though it’s without the fun stuff (sugar and salt), then they managed to make it taste great.

Which was quite important for me for my retreat. And William he’s such a sweetheart. He knows so much and has so many experiences he is willing to share. Listen and you will learn a lot.

My best recommendations!


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