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Colorado – United States

The few words that come to mind when I reflect on my experience are profound, intense, growth, sacred, eye-opening, life-changing. So much healing took place during my time at Kawsay. I researched ayahuasca retreat centers in Peru extensively and I am incredibly happy with my decision of Kawsay. It was safe, comfortable, and nourishing. I was a woman travelling alone and felt completely secure and cared for. The rooms are spacious and the tucked away jungle location is peaceful, colourful, lively, overall stunning. I stayed for 2 weeks for the ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies. I was actually only scheduled to stay one week but decided to extend my trip and participate in the san Pedro ceremonies.

Working with the medicine, William, and the Shamans was truly transformative. The self-sacrifice exhibited by William and the shamans to help others was inspiring. I was in awe of the humility, kindness, and care showed by the staff. I learned quite a bit from the medicine and spirit doctors. I also developed deep connections and friendships with people in the group. We learned from one another and journeyed together.

My experiences at Kawsay have given my life greater meaning. I am tearing up thinking about it. There was an elevation to my spiritual consciousness. My journey showed me how to better align with the divine and return to love. I am incredibly grateful to have discovered this beautiful place that gave me the opportunity to awaken spiritually and better understand what is important in this life.

William was there to give us each support and guidance throughout our processes. He has my trust and respect and I consider him not only my teacher but a dear friend. I feel blessed to have been in the hands of these miracle workers. My deepest gratitude to William, Don Winister, Don Romulo, Greg, Luis, and Milagros, muchisimo gracias a todos.


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