David Mallits

Lackendorf  – Austria

It took Ayahuasca 37 years to call me. I knew this was one of the things in life that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So I started my search and got a lot of information and research. Unfortunately, these days there is too often the danger of having this experience is far less loving and not too capable hands.

Thanks to the many, incredibly positive and detailed references and a healthy dose of gut feeling, I found the way to the Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat. Without exaggeration, that was one of the best decisions of my life.

I came because of a specific mental problem that I had been working on in a variety of ways with little success for a long time. Already on the first day, at the end of the first ceremony, this topic, which I was able to see was connected with many others, was completely erased. It felt like this ceremony alone was more effective than 10 years of psychotherapy.

However, this was just the beginning. Ayahuasca has also shown me various ways and possibilities for healthy solutions in the most unambiguous way regarding the deeper issues, which I was able to see more clearly in the next three ceremonies.

The two shamans, father, and son have simply guided these experiences with a wide variety of rites, chants and their incredibly positive, powerful and loving energy. You can feel how much experience and feeling they bring and I can recommend the trip to the Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat just for you alone.

To the place itself – what William, another simply great, incredibly humble soul, has built up here, surrounded by the energy of the rainforest, yet pure and safe is the perfect breeding ground for this experience.

Quasi in the “garden” of the retreat there is an 800-year-old tree and only the sounds of the forest, the warm rain and the various trips to animal shelters, cultural sites, etc. would be worth the trip. By the way, William has purchased a total of 200 hectares of rainforest, of which well over 99 percent remain completely untouched. This also supports mother nature in this project.

The food was very good and individually adapted to every allergy, intolerance, etc. of the companion. It is also explained in advance in writing which diet should be followed for the most in-depth experience possible.

Coco, another helper on-site, supports you both inside and outside the ceremonies. In short – I can’t think of a better place, people or higher quality for an experience like this



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