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My Dear Kawsay Friends,

I am thankful beyond words for the incredible healing and unforgettable Amazon experience that you gave me. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the positive results that I’ve gained from being in your care. Everything about Kawsay is perfect!

William, while the difficult sacrifices that you and your beautiful family have made by moving to Peru – giving up many of the comforts and relationships you cherished in the U.S. in order to accept the calling (and the gift) that God has given to you – let me assure you that the work that you all do and the healing you bring is so appreciated and you are saving lives and souls. You have brought me to a true awakening and guided me through the most profound and positive experience of my life. Your work has saved me from possibly destroying everything I hold precious. Your vision for Kawsay is spectacular, the setting of your retreat is surreal and everything from the food, your staff, our many Amazon excursions all exceeded my greatest hopes. I cannot wait to return.

To anyone reading this review, I am a 50-year-old businessman, father and husband from the U.S. I would consider myself a very practical person, I am not religious but I am somewhat spiritual (or at least I thought so) and I’m certainly not naïve. I came to Kawsay hoping to deal with some life-long issues that often consumed my happiness and ability to function to my true capacity. My “stuff” has caused me and my family more stresses than I care to admit. Throughout my adult life, I’ve worked extensively with many of the typical therapies available to us in our developed countries. But I can honestly say that I never felt any real progress or peace to any great extent or any length of time.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve returned to the U.S. from my trip to Kawsay and I am still in complete awe over the benefits of my life-changing experience. I will NEVER view existence the same. The effects of the medicine and shamanic healing seem to have somehow re-wired my brain, purged the negative perceptions in my subconscious and healed my soul. It’s also shown me that God is so real and we absolutely live in a spiritual universe. I never expected this.

I won’t go into the details of these ceremonies because they are truly sacred and each person will have their own experience. It’s all very personal and just too unbelievable to explain unless you go through it for yourself. But I will tell you that the medicine and the spirit energies know what each of us needs and it will fix you. At times it can be very intense but it’s all part of the healing. Just keep in mind that this is medicine and these shamans are healing you. Clearly, God created these plant medicines and gave us Shaman in order to heal us and to enable us to live a happy and enlightened existence. The results I’ve gained are just incredible and the changes are deep and indelible.

I am forever grateful beyond words to these three incredible Shaman, William, Romulo and Winister. I feel they are the most extraordinary (yet very ordinary) men and absolute masters of plant medicine and shamanic healing. These gifted souls possess the ability to channel energy and spirit in ways that are mind-blowing and I feel so humbled by the care and dedication that they graciously poured into these ceremonies. I couldn’t help but feel that I was in the presence of giants.

I will positively be returning to Kawsay to further my personal and spiritual evolution and I am happy to share more of my experience with anyone who is interested in taking this journey.


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