Dimitrii Guttsait

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The overall experience I had in this place just amazing and above all expectations. Of course, people come to ayahuasca retreats for spiritual and personal growth and each and every person has it very differently, and this kind of experience isn’t something to be rated. I had incredible life-changing insights during ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies. The shamans in this place – Don Romulo and Don Winister – are great people who do an amazing amount of healing work, and their ayahuasca is very strong! Not only they are great and knowledgeable shamans, but they are also nice and kind people. To me, this was very important, because before I came to Peru I have heard that there are dark shamans as well, and some of them can be quite powerful. Romulo and Winister are bright and kind, yet powerful! As for the living conditions and food, not a minor things for a westerner during a week in the jungle, those are also above expectations. The place is clean and well managed, the food is great. The owner of the place – William – gave our group his best attention during the whole stay, treating us like beloved guests, supporting us advising in a spiritual context, of which he is also very knowledgeable. I can’t say enough about how I am thankful to all these wonderful people of Kawsay!


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