Erica Brownell

Liverpool – United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the beautiful 8 days. William and the shamans made me feel safe at all times, the food was brilliant considering no salt or sugar was aloud.

I feel like the retreat has changed my life and also my relationship with alcohol, I have no desire to have alcohol in my life anymore, I never had a huge issue with alcohol more just a social drinker that would sometimes have a few more drinks than needed !
I have had time to fully heal as there was limited WiFi and no TV. Myself and the other guests actually spoke to eachother rather than sit on phones wasting time and had nice conversations.

The other guests on the retreat will be friends for life such as beautiful people from the age of 23 to 60s.
I highly recommend this retreat it’s wonderful I was upset that there is one bad review under Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreats so I actually reported it as I think it’s crazy how things have been twisted, everything in place in the retreat is to help us transform William is not again anyone he full helps you with any transformation and nothing is forcefully done.
Also, Coco is such a nice person to have around he is helpful and someone to talk to when you want to chat.
Thank you, William and the team for all your help.


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