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Kawsay is truly a unique and beautiful place for healing and learning! Both because of the setting and care were taken in the physical experience and the quality of the Shamans and related support and education that is needed to ensure that the experience creates lasting change. I cannot recommend this place more highly. I had the most transformative experience during my time there and since, hence my only writing this review now. I work in psychedelic research for one of the leading organizations in the field and so I have a lot of personal and professional experience with the healing potential of these ancient medicines. I have also been to 4 different Ayahuasca retreats over my 4-year journey. A lot of those experiences were very positive but I also had experiences that were less so and left me with difficulties that were not well supported. When I heard about Kawsay from a friend and spoke to the owner and San Pedro Shaman, William, I knew I had found a place that was really focused on healing and would support me through the difficulties I was experiencing. We spoke many times on the phone and experienced remote work that he did for me out of the kindness of his heart to support me, all long before I was able to come back to Peru and finish the work I had started. There are many retreats available for people to choose from, but what makes Kawsay different is that they are focused on the journey of the individual and ensuring they get all they need from that visit and not setting up a dynamic where repeat visits are required, which is something I have seen elsewhere. The spiritual, emotional and physical guidance I received from William and the rest of the team at Kawsay was invaluable and has continued to serve me as I have gone through the experiences and changes in my life that have followed since my visit last August. The integration following Ayahuasca is so key and was never taught to me correctly. It was at Kawsay and this is what I credit for the changes I have seen. My life has literally over time been purged of the experiences and influences that no longer serve me and although it has been tough at times, what has come out is lasting change. I am so thankful to William and all at Kawsay for that gift and would encourage anyone thinking of taking this trip to choose Kawsay.


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