Ilia Ginsburg

Cologne – Germany

I wish I was a writer or a poet…
I find it very difficult to find the right words and sentences to describe the gratitude and love I feel after having spent merely 8 days at this heaven on earth with these magnificent bright shining people.
I will try to put it in words anyway and this is quite possibly the second review I am writing in my life.

8 days at Kawsay Ayahuasca retreat in Iquitos Peru ….

A wonderful, with much love and devotion, well planned and gently handcrafted retreat in the heart of 200 hectares of a large garden in the Amazon jungle.
It is extremely clean and pleasant. It’s a sight that penetrates your heart immediately as soon as you set foot on its grounds. When I first saw it, my initial reaction was a very loud “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW William what a fantastic place! Such a huge amount of work you have invested in this “. I love it when something leaves no room for other reactions but such. The place is immaculate! Beautiful wood and wind chimes everywhere, the whole place resonates with love and peace and the voice of the jungle is nothing less than amazing.
The perfect place for the perfect set and setup!

In regards to my experience there, I am delighted to say that it was the most profound, life-changing and challenging week of my life and I have been through some extreme ups and downs in my life before. There is no literature nor video material or documentaries that can actually live up to the experience. Like so many wrote before my, words do not do this justice and no language will be able to fully convey what is actually happening in this magnificent and magical place. To the people who are reading this and are considering to go to go a retreat, make no mistake, you will not be disappointed THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!!
You are in very loving, caring and capable hands. You will feel safe, you will feel taken care of in every sense of the meaning, you will feel blessed for having made this decision and having been granted the possibility to come here.
I have lost 12kg in body weight and 3 tons in emotional garbage! The weight on my by back has been lifted so much, I felt so light I thought the wind would be able to pick me up at times.

El Banco Romolo and his Son Don Maestro Ayahuascero Winister …

Going through this experience under their guidance was nothing less than a privilege and honor. Don Romolo an 86 year old and almost blind, seemingly fragile Aguarunian and his son who is objectively a fantastically strong and devoted guy. In the darkest moment of your life turn into 3 meter large ancient Indian warriors who will dance inside the shadows in-between the realms where they feel most comfortable and give you a sense of protection that I guarantee, you have never experienced before. Listening and feeling their love and doing work to the magical sound of their icaros and arcanas is an experience that I believe one can only be grateful to have had.
Their sound, vibration, rhythm and spiritual strength are absolutely mind-bending!

I sincerely hope Don Romolo will live for many more years and will still be there when I come back.

The food was excellent, laundry service is available and the mapacho is fresh and tasty.

The bedrooms are spacious and very comfortable, one has a 240-degree view of the jungle and the sounds are something from another world.

Now a word to the founder,

William, my brother and my friend – I am so glad I met you!

I thank God for having blessed me with your presence in my life. We have been total strangers until recently but your devotion, your love, your eloquence and your sense of humor are so beautiful that I have the strong need to share it here for everyone to read. Everyone must know that you and this diamond of the jungle Kawsay exists.

I was pretty surprised that someone was physically and mentally able to give a negative review, I hope you find this just as silly as we all do.
As you know I had a very deep and profound transformational experience during my stay. In the moment of strongest despair during the second ceremony I called for you and you were there and you helped me and the others when they needed you, thank you, thank you and thank you again for the work you are doing. For the devotion you have, you are an example to follow and learn from. Please don’t ever lose strength and this comes from all of us, you are in our group chat so you hear this every day

The pictures and memories which we have now will be with us forever! What an utterly magnificent and mind-bending magical journey.
Your entire team is just wonderful! And Coco – a special shout out to this young man!

I could not imagine this place without him, what a kinda lovely guy he is with a fantastic sense of humor. Always ready to jump up at night and help you out

Just go and see for yourself



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