Islen Cruz

Ontario – Canada

No words can describe how amazing this place is and everyone there including the group of people that assisted the week I was there which everyone now are my spiritual family, I had travel a lot but this is the best most rewarding trip of my life it literally saved my life healed my pain my resentments and my anger from being hurt in the past I carried that since I was born and it kept building up making my heart build a shield hard as a rock which I saw it in a vision during a ceremony, ayahuasca broke down that rock shield and healed my heart… I was reborn again and it literally saved my life!! Im a true believer of this powerful medicine and I trust and will forever be grateful to the shamans ,William his family and everyone in his crew they showed me love I never felt so love before I don’t know how my life would’ve ended if I wouldn’t gone to this amazing place of love and healing… now back to the normal life it has been challenging but I am calm and see things completely different more positive and with kindness I just need to keep in my that I changed but the world hasn’t so is up to me to keep on healing and handle people with love and kindness hoping they one day are fortunate to heal their hearts and soul like I did ???


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