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Sidney – Australia

I’d like to thank William. Because of him and the work he has done building such an amazing space in the Amazon jungle with such caring Shamans, my family is drastically changed for the better.
If you have ever thought about doing Ayahuasca, do it. If you’re wondering where you should do Ayahuasca, do it with William at Qhispikay Kawsay Shamanic Ayahuasca Retreat. It’s an experience you will not regret or forget.
I will not go into details of my personal experience with Ayahuasca, as everyone’s will be different.
The Dons, William, and staff go to extraordinary lengths to ensure everyone in the group is safe, comfortable and is getting the care required.
Amazon is an amazing place. The guys at Qhispikay Kawsay Shamanic Ayahuasca Retreat are amazing people.
If you do this trip, do not think of it as a holiday. You’ve done holidays before, this is will be something, unlike anything you have done.
William has helped my family and me more than I could have imagined.


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