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The things we were able to do, the places you took us, the adventures we had, the sites we saw and the memories created will remain with us for the rest of our lives. The good news is that Deborah and I were able to come to clarity on the direction of our relationship and learn a lot about ourselves individually as well as about our lives together as a couple. Although the time spent in the jungle, especially during the wet season was challenging, Deborah and I both emerged as better, stronger and much more spiritual people as a result. When we arrived, our relationship and feelings regarding our future were not on a solid foundation. That changed dramatically since our time with you and we are now so much in love and planning how we are going to happily spend the rest of our lives together. With the dynamics in our personal lives and well as our relationship, without the personal attention provided by you and your staff, this outcome would not have been possible. The high ratio of healers and your model for assuring that each client receives the help needed to make all the difference for us. Additionally, at no time during our stay did I not feel you, Winister, Cesar and Romulo had nothing but the best of intentions for us to help us through the healing process and would go to no length to assure we received whatever was needed at the time. Thank you for all the positive energy you brought to our lives. I left a lot of emotional baggage, guilt, doubt, fears and un-dealt with resentment regarding my family in the jungle and emerged as a much stronger spiritual person as a result. This I will carry with me the rest of my life. It has allowed me to find forgiveness for childhood traumas and become both closer to living and passed members of my family as well as the ability to develop stronger interpersonal bonds with the ones I love. Additionally, my back, which had been becoming chronic prior to my visit has not bothered me since I received treatment. I was supposed to see a neurologist upon my return but the doctor who recommended the neurologist after being told of the treatment I received in Peru (which I found amazing that he was familiar with) suggested I cancel….which I did. I have had no further pain since. Perhaps we make a return visit sometime, maybe we don’t. In any regard, our time together has left us stronger more spiritual people and has done wonders for our relationship. I highly recommend you, your model of high healers to client ratio, your process and wish you nothing but success fulfilling your mission to help people in need.


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