Joni Rousseau

British Columbia – Canada

I attended my first ayahuasca retreat at Kawsay after a year of thoroughly reviewing many centers looking for the best “fit” for me centering primarily around safety, authenticity & smaller group size…Kawsay surpassed my expectations and truly was a life-changing experience… I liken it to the best spiritual boat camp ever as it was a powerful and at times difficult journey but so rewarding!

I’ll never forget William, Trunco Don Romulo, and Don Winister as they are humble healers with so much integrity! I always felt safe and respected as an individual. What I recovered is love & forgiveness for myself and a deeper connection to our creator as I had been living an unconscious lifestyle with disconnection from myself.

Thanks also to Coco & Lucy for all your loving work making our stay interesting with kindness, excursions and wonderful food (despite the many restrictions)!

I was saddened to read the negative review and can say that this was the opposite of everything I experienced. I hope this person truly finds the peace we are all seeking.


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