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Texas – United States

I suffered from chronic migraine headaches for over 7 years on a daily basis. I had several doctors including neurologists and pain doctors to try to find out what was triggering them and how I was going to be able to live through this. The best they could do is prescribed Botox injections on my head, neck and shoulders with Sumatriptan Succinate Injection, Treximet, and Oxycodone for pain. I also tried everything I could find on the internet. The Cefaly (electric shock) and the Genesen Acutouch Therapy just to name a couple. The meds made the pain tolerable most days, but my doctors were worried about my organs from way too much Excedrin and ibuprofen. As you can imagine I became religious first and then spiritual. Reading everything I could get my hands on. I was reading books on shamans so it wasn’t long before I decide to go to Peru with my husband. I choose really carefully going through all the different healing retreat centers reading the entire web site. I know I needed help and I would like to go where I would have more one on one work with shamans. I found William’s center and I liked that fact that they can have only a max of 8 people with 4 shamans. After my conversation with William on Skype, my husband and I decide to go to Peru. William met us at the airport and we talked more about my health. When we start doing our ceremonies, we saw how hard the shamans work. One ceremony ended at 3 o’clock. They don’t stop there, after the ceremonies they stayed with us in the same lodging and continue to work through the day. We called them anytime when we were not feeling good, and they would come and help us! I have never seen so much compassion, loving, understanding and nurturing care from strangers and here I am surrounded with all of this. It was an amazing experience! The shamans explained to me that everything on earth has a spirit and sometimes we need help from spirits who can help us to heal. I have no more migraines! After 7 years the doctors couldn’t help me and I went to Peru for 2 weeks – and I was healed! Everybody who works there is really caring and loving! We learned a new way of living and we are still learning! Have a wonderful and peaceful journey to Peru! We love you all!


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