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Idaho – United States

Hi, my name is Karen and I recently travelled to Peru with my partner for this Ayahuasca Retreat. It was absolutely a wonderful experience and the Shamans were all very attentive and kind. They truly care about people and want this to be a world of peace, love, harmony, and forgiveness. William (one of the Shamans) works very hard to make this a pleasant experience and for being in the jungle away from everything I think he did an amazing job making us all feel welcome and comfortable. The food was very good, we had three meals a day (when we weren’t doing a ceremony) and they always served large portions and lots of different things. We all had our own little hut with a bathroom and shower. All of the staff are very kind and willing to do anything to make your stay more comfortable.

During the ceremonies if you have any addictions, illness, negative energies or anything, the Shamans physically and mentally work very hard to relieve you of these afflictions. They were able to peel back many layers from me and my partner has/had an addiction and also has/had ADD her entire life and they clearly removed both from her body. She has been so calm, mellow and at peace, since we have been back and she feels like both issues are completely GONE!!! These Shamans are the REAL DEAL!!! One of them has been doing this for about 80 years and another for about 42 years, the bottom line is they all have a tremendous amount of experience. They are all very unique in what they bring to the table and you won’t find any that are more caring and who work very hard at making sure you are satisfied with your experience. Also, William goes above and beyond by taking you on a few jungle experiences including visiting an indigenous tribe which was very fascinating.

If you are thinking of doing an Ayahuasca experience you owe it to yourself to check these guys out! You will NOT be disappointed. Believe me when I say also that you DO NOT want to have this experience with anyone other than experienced SHAMANS!!


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