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After remaining in touch and developing a deeper friendship in the timespan since my first visit in 2013, I returned with my fiancé recently and we were both extremely pleased with the honest professionalism and love that are fundamental to this retreat center. I now can see just how powerful and effective the work and healing did here is and the incredibly positive impact William, Winister and Romelo will have on whoever makes their way through this process in the future. I am proud to say I was here near the beginning and will continue to strengthen the friendships that have developed down there. As many knows, Ayahuasca can be scary, dark and even painful physically at times while confronting different aspects of our reality and individual psyches. Because of this a safe environment with knowledgable Shaman and facilitators is absolutely crucial. There is no shortage here. Winister and Romelo, the father-son Master Shaman duo have more love in their hearts than most people experience in their lives and they literally pour their spirit into you doing absolutely everything in their power to bring you the most healing possible in the time allotted. My respect for them is immeasurable. They don’t cut any corners and afford everyone real, individually focused healing throughout the experience. They had me crying over and over again at the beauty of what they do. William operates in the same manner and works extremely hard serving as facilitator, translator and organizer while performing his own work on everyone individually. There is much more than meets the eye at Qhiskpikay and long after you leave the center, the reverberations from their work will still be emanating outwards. This is a retreat center that is growing and establishing itself so it is not set up for every situation(yet) but a quick talk with William can determine exactly what is needed on an individual basis and all suggestions are in respect to your highest healing good. The location is absolutely beautiful on the Yanu Yacu river a few hrs outside of Iquitos where they own a large plot of land and are in the process of constructing a truly beautiful and unique complex. I highly recommended contacting Qhispikay Kawsay with any questions. If anyone has any further questions, I am more than happy to correspond and share a testimony of my personal growth and experience with these souls.


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