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I don’t know what to say, it’s beyond words.

I had the best time of my life in this place, everything was just perfect I felt like I’m at home with family and friends that I wished to have for my whole life.

I’m from Egypt 27 years old who had some difficulties in my life, depression, illness and more but let me tell you this, now I’m cured, clear and happy I can’t remember since when I had that smile like the one I had now everything in my life is much better now.

I’m so grateful to the shamans, especially William for all his hard work and devotion, he didn’t leave us for a minute always there for help and support I learned a lot from him and now he’s a friend and a brother.

Up till now we speak regularly and if I feel anything wrong I just speak with him and he helps me out! So it’s not only during the retreat you will have continues support for your whole life if you want to!

These guys are not doing it for the money it’s just their nature to help people and change their lives for better.

The place was perfect, food was awesome I can’t recall any bad thing or comment that I had during the whole week.

If you feel that you are called to do the ayahuasca definitely this is the best and the safest place ever, I want also to warn you that there are lots of bad shamans out there and they can do bad things to you and I witnessed this with one of my friends during ceremonies. I’m also very grateful to Don Romelo and Winster for all their hard work and care. they are angels and if I can help this place by any means I will just do it blindly.

Thank you very much for making my life much better I owe you my life and I wish you the best cause you deserve it.

Till we meet again


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