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London – England

As others have commented, it’s difficult putting the experience into words. But Kawsay deserves this review.

The booking procedure was very simple and straightforward but comprehensive. It was also an amazing value. We met William in Iquitos and had lunch with him and the other four guests who were joining us for the week. This gave us the opportunity to discuss any questions we had and get to know the other guests.

After an hour and a half on a small boat, we arrived at the resort which was a beautiful raised wooden structure with walkways between the various rooms and an amazing Maloka. The rooms were lovely and were cleaned regularly, we enjoyed sharing our room with another couple.
The food was awesome even though it was very restrictive with no salt, sugar and low fat. You will lose weight! bonus!!

William was a fantastic guy and we felt very looked after, sadly he had seriously injured his arm so spent some days away from the resort getting treatment. He was very supportive of my wife through a difficult ceremony and her questions the following day. He also gave amazing spiritual guidance. Greg who was working there supporting William was solid support for the week, we were so grateful to meet and get to know him and William.

I won’t say much about the actual Ayahuasca ceremonies as they are deeply personal experiences. But the Shaman, Romulo and Winister were simply incredible, very powerful Shamen and sang beautiful Icaros for most of the night and were very supportive. I will never doubt Shamanism they were like conductors at the front of an orchestra controlling the experience. We felt safe and cared for throughout the whole time we were there.

The other guys in our group were the icing on the cake, all beautiful, wonderful open people from Australia, Germany, England and Fiji. I hope we made friends for life. Sharing the experience with them was wonderful.

This was a life-changing experience that should call you. Don’t enter into this lightly!

I couldn’t recommend Kawsay enough, we will definitely go back. We are so grateful of the experience and have nothing but love for William, Greg and the Kawsay team. Thank you all so much.


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