Leilani Passalacqua

Adelaide – Australia

There is no set of words, no matter how perfectly constructed, that could possibly describe this type of experience. As a 23-year-old female traveling solo, I seriously feel blessed and so thankful that I was lead to Kawsay and I could not imagine doing ayahuasca and San Pedro anywhere else or with any other shamans. Every experience is so unique to the individual. I’ll admit, my personal experience during the ceremonies were quite intense, unbearable at some points. I must point out this had nothing to do with the retreat or healers whatsoever, this was all mother ayahuasca had to show me and I can’t thank William, Romulo, Winister & Coco enough for helping me get through what was probably the most intense experience of my life. The love, help and spiritual guidance I received during the whole retreat was so important and helped me to process the ceremonies. I cried so much saying goodbye to the shamans!!!

If you’re looking for a sign of which retreat to go, THIS IS IT! kawsay has improved my life drastically and I’m so glad to have had this experience at such a young age as all I’ve learned now can be carried on throughout my entire existence. It’s still so crazy to me that experiences as beautiful and spiritually profound like this exist and I have no doubt that I will be returning to Kawsay to continue my work with Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

The rooms are spacious and beautiful, they look straight out into the jungle and even have their own hammock. The food is AMAZING given the very strict diet that must be followed. They somehow make it work and the yuca is amazing ?

Kawsay ayahuasca is an authentic center of love and healing. The effort put in by William, The Shamans and everyone else involved is so special and is an experience you’ll take with you for the rest of your life. To have had the opportunity to work with ayahuasca and San Pedro is truly a blessing in my life. I now have an all-new level of appreciation for plants and how much they can improve and even save our lives! It’s beautiful beyond words and I wish anyone looking to embark on this time of spiritual journey to chose Kawsay! ?



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