Marta Poczatek

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London – England

This is seriously the best place ever, it has changed my life! I’ve done Aya and San Pedro before but honestly after experiencing it in Kawsay I will never work with other people again! This is on a totally different level. William is so helpful, so connected, he really helped me to understand very essential things that I didn’t get before. He is really dedicated, always available to talk to, cares about everyone so much, it is so rare to meet people like this. He has done so much to help all of us. Also, Louis, Don Winister and Don Romulo are real angels, these people are really amazing and beyond expectations! I’ve never seen shamans doing so much work on people anywhere else. I really love them all. I am already planning to take all my friends there because I can’t imagine a better place. Not only the people are amazing but also the surroundings. It is a real paradise and the place is just so comfortable and beautiful really great conditions. It is also safe and they know how to deal with every situation. I’m so happy I took part in it. Can’t describe the experience in detail because there is so much to say, I still find it difficult to speak about it to people. Words can’t describe it anyway, the only way to understand is to go there and experience it. Thank you and I will be back soon with all the people I can take with me!


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