Paulo C. Miranda Demito

São Paulo – Brazil

This was a wonderful experience. All the staff, William, Ana Coco, and the Shamans were so kind and genuine. I’ve been through a tone of problems of familiar business structure, self steam and everything mixed with depression. When I found Kawsay on the internet somehow I knew that was the place to go. I can tell all you that are in some storm of problems right now that you should give yourself a chance to this beautiful transformation and simply honest way of getting rid of all that. Give a chance to you first. Don’t have any expectations about views or effects because I can totally assume that you can feel more than that. Especially when you go back home after the 15 days immersed in your own sources in the right place having the powerful nature watching your back. Personal advice is that first, respect all the diet and place, do everything right before and after going to the retreat. Go with your heart and mind, don’t be shy to share your problems there because that will be imported when you come and realize that everything changed and all you have is the memories of all that transformation. Again Thx Kawsay and I can’t wait to go another time to thank you for all the changes and most importantly how I can lead with problems differently now.


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