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Warsaw – Poland

In spite of the fact it has been already half of the year since our visit, we still think of this experience, all the kindness and good energy that was there. People, there are very helpful and professional in every aspect. Starting from incredible Shamans who are very wise, kind and open to others. Once you meet them they will always be somewhere around. We still hear them singing sometimes on the other side of the globe. William with all his gentleness and patience brings all the explanations you may need during the process. With all this supporting energy and calm presence around, you never feel alone and even during dark jungle nights you have no fears. And even if you do, there is always bravery that you can find in the circle. The place is amazing and there are no words to describe the sounds of the jungle that is everywhere around you. Accommodation really authentic and charming and they work there really hard to make it even more perfect. Food and diet very well prepared with all resources of the forest around. Besides the rituals, you have a good chance to see and understand such an incredible place as Amazon Jungle. The week goes fast but during this time you really have a chance to BE there in the way you personally need. Don’t worry, mosquitos are not that bad and let yourself into this beautiful experience of yourself and nature around.


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