Rahma Begum

London  – United Kingdom

Kawsay Ayahuasca is a true gift. William, I cannot begin to express my love and gratitude for what you have achieved here by the grace of god! What a tremendously wonderful experience and surrounded by such beautiful human beings, I feel truly blessed.

Prior to visiting, I was a lost soul – to say the least. I wasn’t even sure as to why I even booked the ayahuasca retreat. I knew I needed something to help me make life bearable and pull me out of the dark hole I was in. I was afraid of everything (literally everything), I had suffered from PTSD and Complex PTSD. My mind was always in overdrive!

The journey I went on during my time here was incredible. It really is so hard to put into words but I will try my best!

As a solo female traveler, I think the most important thing to get across is safety. There was not a single point during my stay at Kawsay where I felt unsafe. Considering my irrational fears, I thought I would have a really hard time. Not at all. There is always someone there for you to talk to, although you are encouraged to have your downtime, you are never alone. The rooms are big, beautiful and spacious. They are cleaned every day, towels and bedsheets are changed too! If there is anything you need – all you need to do is ask and the staff here accommodate your every need. Food is prepared and served every day. Every member of staff is happy to be there and help which is a beautiful thing to see.

The Shamans here are just the greatest gift, it was an honor to have lived among them for the time I spent at Kawsay. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the love they share with you and the way they guide you on your journey of healing. I have learned so much, I have grown so much and most importantly I have healed the open wounds of my heart and mind. The most generous people I have ever met!

I encourage everyone who is interested in going to an ayahuasca retreat if you’ve felt the calling and are reading this to visit Kawsay Ayahuasca. I recommend it to the highest standard of a mental and physical and spiritual level. I would love to visit every year if I can!

I have left a piece of my heart here and I am 100% sure that once you visit, you will too. I have made friends for life and I am (for the first time in my life) so excited to begin living my life to the fullest



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