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all their capacities.
Drinking that first cup of the brew on the first night was full of unknown, doubts and fears. But visiting William Menech was such a relief and comfort. Good listener, great advisor, and guide. Answering all the questions very carefully and in detail. Since the very first time of meeting him, I sensed his positive vibes full of love and peace and ready to help in any possible way.

Both Shamans are so gentle, caring and focused during ceremonies and their presence is always full of support and encouragement. True spiritual guides with big loving hearts and enjoy to bring peace and joy to every single participant. They go way above and beyond to cleanse the soul and discard all heavy dark baggage. Don Winister and Don Rumolo your caring hands and calming voice is still present when I close my eyes traveling into the Maloca amidst the sounds of Amazon nature. In the darkness of the jungle at night, your voice and energy shine light onto the souls.

I had the main intention prior to this trip: Bring me closer to my true desires and ambitions and give me the courage to follow them. After 6 months: I am playing native American flute, started writing poems, singing songs and generally speaking a pipeline of creativity and imagination opened up. Also followed by meditation meetups at my home to bring the souls ready to evolve and rise closer together and these meditation sessions are going strong.

Thanks, William, Don Rumolo, Don Winister for all your support and care. You touched my soul and heart. God bless you all.

I strongly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a genuine, safe and friendly Ayahuasca Experience.

Love you all my family at Kawsay


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