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Queensland – Australia

It’s hard to know where to start writing this. Ayahuasca is such an intense experience and anyone who is going to take the leap and try it all have the same questions and worries. Is it safe? If something goes wrong can the staff handle it? Should I be nervous?

I know this because I had the same thoughts coming into it. It’s no joke, ayahuasca should only be taken by people who have a genuine desire to explore their spirituality and the aspects of life most unknown to us yet most important.

After a week at Kawsay I can easily say that William and the shamans and all the staff who work there put you in the best possible hands. Sure there are the cheap and nasty options that will get offered to you but if you are seriously thinking about trying ayahuasca then I couldn’t recommend more the team at Kawsay. Forget the price and anything like that because it’s important you’re with people who know what they’re doing and love what they do also.

The amount of effort that William and the rest put into each individual person is incredible and I truly feel I was in the best care the entire time with everything from food to accommodation and support.

As for the treatments/sessions, they are done with the utmost care and love and at no point in time are they not there for you if you need.
I my self-had a really difficult session one night and even though it was one of the most powerful and tough things I’ve ever been through mentally, William and the shamans were there through everything and I knew I was completely and 100% safe and afterwards I realised it was one of the best and most wonderful things that had ever happened to me.

Put your worries aside with these guys, take the leap if it’s something you really wish to do and I guarantee you’ll find yourself sitting at your computer afterwards trying to find the right words to describe the incredible experience you had at Kawsay.

Thank you, William, I’ll never forget the experience and truly look forward to seeing you again one day.
Good luck with building the new spot also champ.


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