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Jakarta – Java

This retreat has changed my life completely. Thanks to Will and the Shamans and everyone there. During the retreat, Will was very helpful in giving guidance about the spiritual world. As this is my second retreat, I can see that all of the staff in this retreat sincerely have a lot of love to share with everyone, we were treated like family, even after the retreat.

I had a lot of visions that I don’t have to share here because everyone will have a different vision and you need to have faith and try it yourself. The most important thing that I got from Ayahuasca ceremonies is that I found what I was looking for, my deeper sense of purpose. My goals in life before the retreat was all about getting more money, but money didn’t make me feel complete. Love does. Ayahuasca made me realized that we are all one, we are part of the universe and love connect us all.

My purpose now is to share the unconditional love that I have to everyone and share kindness to everyone that I met, regardless of how people treat me. Also had a breakthrough during the Wachuma/ San Pedro where I went into a trance, felt the holy spirit get in my heart and feel very strong and loving energy from my heart. I can feel and share a lot of love and positive energy to everyone that I touch. I’ve felt love and happiness ever since, and I’m currently on my way to apply this to everything I do.

Moreover, the food is super delicious, the work they did to us was excellent. I miss everyone in there and also the jungle, even the birds, and the bees. I will be back soon

So, if you want to find real happiness in life and feel complete, this is definitely the place. Sending love to all of you.


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