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Melk – Austria

I’ve been looking for some time into attending an Ayahuasca retreat but this one just seemed the right one especially after speaking with William who organizes them. He himself is one of the shamans during the retreats specializing in San Pedro ceremonies and speaking with him just put me right at ease that this was the right retreat for me to attend, as it offered not only Ayahuasca but also San Pedro ceremonies. In the run-up to the retreat, he was always happy to answer any questions, and the same during the retreat and after – feeling really well cared for.
Another big plus was that there are 4 shamans with a max group size of 10-12 people per retreat, so you get all the attention and healing you need. They are truly a beacon of light amongst the many retreats vying for tourists with lots of them just in it for the money – but not so at Kawsay, they are very caring and go over and beyond for the people staying with them. It’s all about healing, consciousness, love and spiritual development.
So if you’re looking to do some deep spiritual and/or healing work, don’t look any further! They are the real deal, and I can highly recommend them. I hope to go back soon to do some more work with these amazing shamans! THANK YOU!


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