Tomas Robinson

Melbourne – Australia

Everything taken care of. Modern living in the jungle. Excellent food. Incredible location. Very experienced ayahuasca practitioners. Very loving and comforting atmosphere. Small trips were included within the retreat which I was unaware of but was pleasantly surprised by. William (the American host and owner of Kawsay) and his ayahuasca shamans Don Romelo (86yrs old) and his son Winnester are an extremely experienced team which put your mind at rest. My travelling companion and I didn’t put a huge amount of effort into looking for the “right” retreat but I can’t imagine another even coming close to the safety and security of this one. Did I have some intensely emotional experiences and work through deep problems that I found hard to talk about? Yes. This experience will be a healing one and will open you if you allow it. Wifi from 12pm to 3pm only.


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