Vicki Jago

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London – England

Kawsay is a really beautiful place surrounded by forest and wildlife. The accommodation itself feels part of the magic as you are in nature the whole time and not cut off from it and everything you touch and come into contact with is made out of natural materials. Just being there in nature is a cleansing experience in itself.

We chose Kawsay because the groups are small and there seemed to be a very personal care and that was definitely the case. The intimate nature of the place and the care of the people who worked there created a wonderful atmosphere which meant that everyone there really looked after each other. There was a strong sense of peace and love among everyone the whole time.

I found the experience challenging and had a lot of nerves but I was given a lot of support and guidance to help me make sense of what was at times quite a confusing and scary process. This support and care really helped me to get the most out of the experience.

It is almost 6 weeks since I left Kawsay. I wanted to refrain from writing this review until I had time to fully absorb the experience. To be honest I haven’t fully absorbed it yet. However, I would say 6 weeks later that the experience has not been a fleeting one. I have not left Kawsay thinking that was great and gone back to living how I was before. The experience has stayed with me and I feel good for it. My life hasn’t changed overnight either. I am still in my life as it was but I am approaching things differently and that is making a difference. I feel happier, calmer, slower. I learned lots of lessons that I am now slowly integrating into my life. I have never had a sense of gratitude or self-care like I have now. Thank you to everyone at Kawsay that supported me. I hope I will see you again.


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