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Travel & Health Guidelines

Important Travel Information, Pay Heed

When travelling to Peru and the Amazon Jungle there are many precautions you should be aware of to protect your health, there are several modes of possible parasitic exposure. If the proper precautions are taken you should have the ability to eliminate the possibility of contracting any of these pernicious critters.

The ayahuasca retreat begins at noon on the first scheduled day of the retreat. The retreat in the jungle usually ends around noon on the last day of the retreat and can sometimes last until 1 p.m. You will not be back to Iquitos until around 3 p.m. or later. Therefore, all travel arrangements for flights will preferably be in the evening or afterward. Kawsay Retreats E.I.R.L. recommends airline travel arrangements to be made for at least one day after the end of the retreat to avoid any travel complications.

If special accommodations need to be made for early departure from the retreat, the costs of early departure and transportation will be the responsibility of each attendee needing such assistance to the independent contractor providing transportation services. (e.g. Boat transport from the lodge to Iquitos, taxi & moto-taxi transport)

Due to all of the constantly changing Covid-19 restrictions for all the countries of the world to return to your country it is recommended to plan ahead for what necessary testing is for your return home. There are several clinics in Iquitos that offer testing as well at the airport in Lima, Peru. We can provide a list of testing centers upon request.

Health Precautions

• When you arrive in Peru make sure you ALWAYS wash your hands with soap and water before you consume any food that your hands will touch therefore eliminating the vector of exposure from hand to mouth.

• If you buy any fruit in any market or street vendor it MUST be washed thoroughly before it is eaten.

• Travellers’ diarrhoea can be avoided by making sure you drink bottled water and generally is a result of different bacterial strains that our gut get exposed to that are unfamiliar to our systems.

• This is generally not serious and in most cases is self-limiting.

• There are many pharmacies and doctors available throughout Iquitos if any medical assistance or medication are needed.

• Tetanus vaccination should be up to date.

• Malaria is generally not a concern in the areas of the Peruvian Amazon where we conduct our retreats, but if you choose to be on the safe side. There are several medications that can be used as a preventative.

Do not take Doxycycline it is contraindicated with Ayahuasca!

Here is the recommended medication for malaria prevention: Mefloquine


It is very important to follow these guidelines regarding the monies you bring.

In Peru, it is very difficult to exchange money if it is not in excellent condition.

• Bills must be in almost perfect condition with no tears otherwise you cannot exchange to Peruvian soles.

• Make sure when you get your money from your bank before you travel that it is best to travel with 20’s and/or 50’s, it is more difficult to exchange 100’s.

• If you do bring 100’s none are to be in the CB series otherwise you will not be able to exchange them.

• It is recommended to bring an ATM card, you will be able to withdraw money in Lima and Iquitos. But make sure you let your issuing bank know you are travelling abroad so they do not lock your card up assuming that it is stolen.

• If travelling through Lima it is recommended that you exchange at least 200 dollars at the airport for expenses.

If you have a flight right into Iquitos we will bring you to a reputable money changer so to avoid any problems.

Conversion Rate from your Currency to Peruvian Soles


Here is the link to the Center for Disease Control that gives information regarding travel to Peru:

Center for Disease Control for Travel to Peru

**Travelers health insurance is recommended**