What is Shamanism?

Universal Spiritual Healing Arts

Shamanism is a universal phenomenon spanning across our globe and time whereas a person among a group of people would usually be chosen by the spirits to be an intermediary between the seen and unseen world.

The commission of the shaman was usually to bring balance to the people who need psychic, mental, spiritual and physical healing. They would also clear negative energies from places, once again to bring balance to those places that have that need. They are usually specialists in the use of medicinal plants to heal many physical infirmities. Their main gained abilities are to be able to fall into trance through many different means, drumming, meditation, sensory deprivation, no sleep and special diets, also the use of many psychoactive spirit plants that have been used as sacred sacraments to commune with the divine as well as other methods that I have probably missed and not listed here.

The word shaman was coined by anthropologists from beginning to study the Tungus people of Siberia. The word “saman” was the word by those people to define the ones gifted with the vocation. Anthropoligists began to use the word “shaman” to define all people and groups with these specialized abilities under one word

“shaman”, but throughout the planet each culture that have these gifted people usually have a word in their own culture to identify those people. Here we will be focusing on the “shamans” of South America there are many different types of specialists that exist even in our modern times. Some of the types of shamans in South America are Curanderos, Ayahuasceros, Calomongeros, Tobacoeros, Huchemaeros, Toéro, Chiri Sanangeros, Pusangaeros, Oracionistas, and also the Qero of the Andes. The Shamans that we work with are specialists in many of the above mentioned methods, but the main focus of our work is the work with the Ayahuasceros, Huachumeros and an Oracionista.

The shamans in a community are usually feared and respected because of the powerful gifts, by the spirits, they have received and through years of dieting with sacred plants. For the shamans they see the world much different than the “normal” person for they walk between two worlds, can see and feel the subtle energetic workings in and around themselves and others and wield an uncanny power to magnify their intention to effect and manipulate reality usually for the healing benefit of those that seek their help. The healing takes the form of psyco-spiritual healing and at times physical is possible depending on the particular gift of the shaman.